Sharing info across Shotgun sites

What if the studio (vendor) has its own Shotgun site? Can the two sites connect?

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Unfortunately, no, we don’t have the ability to connect separate sites at this time. From the vendor’s perspective, usually they use the Client Review Site to share content with clients for approval. Here’s information on how that works:

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While Shotgun currently doesn’t offer cross site connections, there are ways to make handing data across studios a bit easier.

For example, when I was in production overseeing multiple vendors across the world, I made use of Shotgun’s handy Exporter and Importer functionality.

I setup a page in Shotgun to reflect the report and info I wanted, exported that to csv, cleaned the csv file to look a little nicer (but maintained the exported columns and labels), and sent that to the vendor. They’d fill it out, send back, and then I’d import the data to Shotgun with a copy/paste.

While it’s a manual process, by using this workflow, I was able to stay on top of 11+ vendors across the globe on two large projects. Saved my sanity.