Share your inspiration

Hello dear SG community

I have been reading the forum posts and it is really nice to see how this community is working and it is super cool to have this platform to share and troubleshoot the issues together. :clap:

For me, it also confirms that in this industry everyone is extremely devoted to what they do and for most of you the job is also the passion (just like it should be) :sun_with_face:

So I thought I’d ask the Shotgun community to share with others- what was your trigger (and maybe you would even like to share the impactful animation/movie/game) that inspired you to do what you are doing today?

And who knows, It could be also a nice change to give some credit to your colleagues or just to share the good things with the ones who can appreciate them as you do.

Sharing is caring!


Star Wars was a big inspiration to me, but it was the first Jurassic Park that really made my jaw hit the floor and start to wonder, β€œhow can I do that too??” That was, of course, after days of jumping at shadows thinking it might be a velociraptor.


+1 for Jurassic Park (and the persistent, irrational fear of velociraptors), but for me it was the original Toy Story. I remember watching that and being completely mindblown that you could use a computer, that thing that I mostly knew as a word processor, to make an animation like that. Though I did use BASIC to make a pretty sweet helicopter animation back in high school. 2 frames of greatness!
(Note: this is not my work, it is way nicer than the pixel β€œart” nightmare I made in 1993.)