SG Create - Trace Paper and Video Export


I’m wondering if there are any plans to add a ‘Trace Paper’ feature to SG Create. Where we’d be able to control the opacity. It would make it easier for the artist to see the draw overs the lead provides.

Also, will there be an option to export your drawovers as a .mov? Just now it uploads still images, but i’d like to pass on a video to my artists.

Both these features can be found on SyncSketch.

Do you know if anything like this is in the works?




Hey Scott!

Tracing paper isn’t in the plan right now but I’ve flagged it internally as a potential hack day project. We do have hold and ghost so I acknowledge it is a bit missing from that typical triad.

For exporting drawovers as a movie-- not directly. What you can do is that, in Create, unlike on the web, we keep annotations in time in addition to generating still frames, so you can play back both frames and annotations. So it’s possible to point artists to notes in Create, or, a bit inconvenient, you could even record that note in Create as a screen recording and share that video if you need to share it outside Shotgun. (We don’t actually transcode the annotated videos, it’s OTIO magic, so unfortunately a direct video of annotations is not available.)

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Ye I’ve been using screen record. Its not the most convenient way to do so, as you need two SG creates open at the same time. You cant screen capture the video you’re doing notes on, so you need to open another SG Create in order to record the other one with all the notes.

If I do a bunch of drawovers in Create, are you saying the artist can open up that shot via create and view my session with all the drawovers?

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Oh yeah, I was thinking to use a 3rd party recorder to record Create itself, but like you say it’s a bit inconvenient.

But yes, if you make a note on a version with annotations, and the artist views that in Create, the annotations will appear on top of the version video. Surprisingly I couldn’t really find a video in our documentation that demonstrates this but you can see it in action in this one about ghost and hold: Basically, the way you compose the annotations can be viewed in the same way by the artist once you send them.


Ah that’s great! Am I able to filter their tasks. So only shots I’ve given notes on and changed the status to say ‘Revision’ shows up on SG Create?

That trace paper option will make this Super! awesome :slight_smile:

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So if you’ve assigned them that task in Shotgun and you make an annotated note on the version linked to that task, it will show up for them in Create on their My Tasks-- they’ll get a blue dot and a thumbnail and filmstrip preview of your annotations.