Setting up a Project to Work With Unreal

I tried to set up a project to work with Unreal Engine, using Shotgun desktop.
When i attempted to enter the github URL, i had the following message, and couldn’t continue.
Can someone help me ?


Hey Alex

Welcome to the forums!
It looks like there might be more details in your tk-desktop.log log file?
From that message alone it is not clear what exactly went wrong.



Hi Phil,
Thank you, for your quick answer.
The problem is the red message, on the screenshot, which not allow me to continue the set up steps.
It seems that the URL doesn’t allow to retrive the latest version of the engine.
And so, i can’t clic on the “continue” button.
Is there another url ?

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Hi @AlexBaduel!

@philip.scadding’s going to need more info to help figure out why you’re seeing the red message—specifically the details from your tk-desktop.log file.

Here’s more info on where you can find that file on your computer:


Hi Johnny,
If a give you my log file, is it ok ?
Note that i follow this method

Thank you by advance
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Hey I’ve removed the log, as a precaution, it’s probably best not to include it publically just in case it contains anything sensitive such as project names or other things. I have downloaded it however I’ll take a look.

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So the error line of interest is:

…could not establish connection: Cannot execute the ‘git’ command.
Please make sure that git is installed on your system and that the git executable has been added to the PATH.

In order for Shotgun to be able to talk to Github, it needs git installed. So you will need to download that and setup it up.

Hopefully, that should sort it for you.

Note, only the user that is setting up the centralized config will need to have git installed, all your other user’s won’t need to do this, as they won’t be going through the setup process.


Thank you very much. :pray:
I already had Git, not the path. It works now !
Let’s try to add the tk-unreal, to a defaut config project now…