Setting Up Shotgun in Ubuntu

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to set up Shotgun on ubuntu.
I was able to successfully log in and see the list of projects.
However, I’m not able to see connected applications that are installed on the system.

Could anyone help me fix this issue?

PS: I’ve added software under software link on the shotgun website


Welcome to the forums!

Did you set the paths to the locations of the software on the Software entity?
We don’t support Ubuntu so it is probable that it can’t automatically find the software.


We have it set up in Ubuntu (early phase), and it works with Software entities. You just need to set the right paths in Shotgun.

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Hello, i read that you have been able to install shotgun on ubuntu. Could you please help me with the steps a bit.
To install i rn /opt/Shotgun/Shotgun to begin installation but it fails to red from git repo.

What git repo is it unable to read from? Do you have error messages at hand?