Send a message to all users

Hi all,

With this morning issue I had to send a message to people in my studio using specialized lists, without any guarantee not to miss somebody.
Then I thought it would be a great thing to simply send a message to all referenced users in Shotgun database… and I can’t find a way to do that.
Is it possible?


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Hey @François_Touvet,

The easiest way would be to add all users to a group and then send a message to that group.


Hi David,

yep that’s a possibility, but if for whatever reason a new account is created and not added to the group the person won’t get the message :-/

Hi @François_Touvet,

To accompany @DavidMason idea, if you keep the group enabled in your filter widget when creating new users, they’ll automatically get added to that group:

You’ll just want to make sure the page is saved with that filter widget active. This is kind of one of those hidden cool things I thought I would mention. Maybe that would help?



Ok, I dig this one ! thanks to you both for your help :slight_smile:

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