RVIO Quicktime export issue with color

In our current project we have realised that RV is not exporting quicktime movies correctly.
I mean, we have a custom OCIO configuration for this project and when we load our EXR image sequence inside RV player, it configures to rec709 right so we can see fine here.
But when we export this to QuickTime ( using file>export to QuickTime ) the generated QuickTime movie color its wrong, is not the same color we can see in the player.
We have try to export a QuickTime using same EXR image sequence and same OCIO config within Nuke and it generates a valid movie, the color is correct here.
I have attached a comparison between our RV Quicktime ( left ) and Nuke’s QuickTime ( right ) with same input EXR and same OCIO configuration ( hope this helps )
So I have some questions:

  1. Do you think this could be a codec issue ? Any advice ?
  2. Do you think this could be an export params issue ? Any advice ? ( I have tried to exec rvio_hw passing -out709 and the color still wrong )
  3. Do you think this could be an RV issue ? Next step ?
  4. Any other consideration or advice for us, for trying to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @juanm,

Thanks for your questions and welcome to the community! :wave:

I’ll check in with our RV team and see if they can get you some answers here.