RV - sgtk querry return

Hello Folks from the Rv Realm :slight_smile:,


have a few questions ,

while an artist publishes from a dcc(ex nuke) ,
a sequence from a folder (browse folders to publish images) from the folder structure /mnt/project/…,which shotgrid recoganises, from what i have gathered from earlier posts and documentation, the normal work flow would be to write the path field attribute if the versions has “sg_path_to_frames”, and until here it is good and it has path field filled up in shotgrid web,

but although the the sequence contains a version number , the published version does not seem to update ,

biut when a mov is uploaded with a version number , in shotgrid web it shows the correct version number

1: how do i get the correct version number info for the sequence of frames to be displayed in shotgrid web
2: how do i get the path_cache info for the current mov /exr in rv
3: how do i get the vesrion number info for the current mov/exr in rv

when i query the metadata i do not see any version number ,

info = extra_commands.sourceMetaInfoAtFrame(commands.frame())
metadata = commands.sourceMediaInfo(info['node'])

i only get file and other values but not version number

any pointers would be greatly apritiated :slight_smile:


slight bump :slight_smile:

have managed to get this working , but its a hacky way of making this work :slight_smile: ,

would be good to know have a solution to get the version of the mov published through a dcc in rv , looked for documentation could not find any , commands or any other module does not have a way to get this field ,