RV Open a session (.rv) file python command

Hi all I am looking for the python command to load the rv session(".rv") in rv

I can save using rv.commands.saveSession(file_path) and I can open in a new rv session by using rv.commands.newSession(file_path) but the thing I want is to open in the same session, I don’t mind clearing the existing session , please let me know If you guys have anything.


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Sorry Guys, It was simple


I was under the impression these are for RVFileSource ,


The addSource* events do indeed go for all source inputs as well as rv session files. There’s a bit of a ‘is this a session file’ logic as it starts up.

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Yes Michael , but rv.commands.open(file_path.rv), would have made more sense :smiley:, as there is a open option in the file menu , any how I learned so many other things on the way as I was tying out nearly all the possible command available :sweat_smile:

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