RV loses channels when enabling OCIO

After I enable the OCIO package in RV, we get errors when trying to view channels . This happens if I set our custom config.ocio or a basic config.ocio provided by somewhere else.

ERROR: event = key-down--r
ERROR: function = __lambda994 (void; Event ignored)
ERROR: Exception Value: exception: "invalid property name @RVDisplayColor.color.channelFlood"

In fact, channels disappear completely after loading the OCIO package.


Done a fair amount of googling and can’t figure it out.

Some OCIO pipeline implementations in RV replace the RVDisplayGroup node that the native color channel selection tools use under-the-hood.

As a workaround, Autodesk provides the Color Channel Selection package. Enabling this package in RV’s Preferences should re-enable color channel selection via the hotkeys: r, g, b, a, c, l.

Thank you, Collin!