RV Icon Taking over PCs

Hello everyone!
I’ve noticed that RV is for some reason imposing its icon on other apps such as Acrobat DC (I’ve seen this replicated throughout my Studio. I don’t know the reasons but even clean W10 installations suffer from this after just installing RV on them.
Can anyone shed some light on why this is happening?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi Alfonso,

I think this might be a Windows icon cache problem. I think this article might be helpful:

Can you give something like this a shot?


Hi Alfonso,

RV can open a wide variety of file formats, and on Windows, using the exe installation, it registers a large number of file types that RV can open with.

If you want tighter control around the file types RV can handle, you can download the zip portable install of RV and register your open with registry entries manually. To grab the zip installation, you can find it at www.tweaksoftware.com/downloads

Once you unpack the install, you will find a number of .reg files in the etc directory. These can be used to register the file associations and rvlink uri handler.

To register your own custom set of files to be handled by RV, edit the openwith.reg file. At the top you will see it has the path to RV, edit this if you have installed RV in a different location. Below you will find all the various file types, delete (or add) any of those in the list. Once you’ve done that, save the openwith.reg file and double-click it.



Hey @bouchep
About rebuilding the icon cache, this didn’t fix the issue, I’ve even checked the contents of the acrobat executable and there they do not appear as the rv icon, however, on the taskbar, menu and search, they all show up with :rv:

And @Michael.Kessler
Could it be possible for rv to register as another program’s icon?
I’ll check tomorrow the .reg files and see if there’s anything on them that might collide with any program, but the weird thing on the matter is that it’s not a file type icon, it’s directly overriding the program’s one.

Anyhow, this is just a visual concern, just bugs me and some other people at the studio having to double check which window is rv and which one is any other app that runs without their own icon…

Thank you both! :slight_smile:


Hi Alfonso,

I had a similar issue with the RV icon replacing my Evernote icon in the start menu. This worked for me:

Not sure if it’s helpful in your scenario though.



I mean, the RV icon is pretty great, right? I think everything should use that icon, this is really more of a feature. #nothelpful #everythingshouldberv


Hey! This partially fixes it because it’s no longer the RV icon on the start menu, but when the program is running, the taskbar icon is still :rv: :cry:
We can conclude that the issue is how the app itself handles its own icon and not RV’s fault…

I believe @tommy.kiser knows what’s best for the world. I’m even gonna buy and live in an RV for now on, ahhahaha!


I don’t know. I appreciate Tommy as much as the next guy, but having the RV icon show up as my calendar icon in Windows, is a bummer…

I tried all kind of things, including regedits and sfc /now… nothing worked.

Even after uninstalling RV, the icons remained in the system on different application shortcuts.



After investigation, the source of this issue was that in the Windows RV msi installation (exe), we associate the .ico (Windows Icons) files with RV.

However Adobe and some other softwares are installed with icons that cannot be read by RV thus the RV showing up everywhere. We are really sorry about that.

This issue will be fixed in the upcoming RV 7.7.1 but I will also list here the steps required to de-associate the .ico files from RV in Windows 10:

  1. In the Windows search, look for ‘Default app for each type of file’
  2. Look at the app associated with the .ico files
  3. If it is ‘RV’ then replace it with ‘Paint’
  4. Reboot

We hope this helps


Awesome, thanks Bernie :clap: !! Truly a man of the people. :smile:


Not all heroes wear a cape! Thanks for going deep into the issue and fixing it! :slight_smile: