RV Development Files in Wide Distribution (or how I learned to stop shipping tons of tiny little files)

RV is very engineer-driven, and to be frank, that’s probably why I love it so much. But every install comes with everything you need to recompile plugins, compile your own loaders, etc. I haven’t run a profile on RV, but I have a strong suspicion that a good chunk of files are never needed by an end user (ie header files).

RV has always taken a lot of time to install, and with all this bloat (from the perspective of 99% of the users) really slows down install time.

If you get a chance, please consider making a ‘distributable’ version of RV, or at least compressing header files and other non-necessary files into an archive that doesn’t get extracted on the end-user unless you are trying to do image plugins or something like that.

Maybe this all just gets solved with open-sourcing, which, would also be awesome.



Ideal solution would be to separate source from release. When testing new releases, deployment scenarios, it gets pretty frustating.