Bootstrapping RV Custom Package Creation

When getting started on RV package development, it can be a bit daunting getting set up. One thing that can help is to set your build system up to help you iterate.

@alexaz goes over the steps needed here How do I write my first package in RV?

As it is potentially useful to others, here’s the template I usually use when I write quick example packages (in response to tickets, community posts, or even when writing up a bug report).

This isn’t really a generalized ‘everyone can use this out of the box’ sort of thing, and won’t work without modifying paths on any OS other than OSX, but it should help get you started if you want to automate your RV package builds. (2.7 KB)

Generally I make a branch of this, remove the src/*Shader* files if I’m not making a shader. Modify the .int files which include placeholders.

To build, you can do:

to install into RV, you can do:
make install

… and if you want to remove the temp files, you can do:
make clean

Feel free to offer how you bootstrap yourself if you’ve got something cool to share.