RV 2022.0.0 Sync automatic pull session

There is a nasty bug/behaviour in RV2022 (or at least versions after 7.6.1) where: An RV instance with loaded media connects/syncs with an RV instance with an empty session /no media the RV instance with loaded media will lose its session.

Note that it is the RV instance with loaded media that is the ‘participant’, i.e. initiating a connection to another RV instance. It seems that there is an automatic pull mechanism upon connection.

As much as I’d like to get this fixed, I think a simpler and temporary workaround would be an option to disable to automatic pull on initial connection. I’ve looked in the docs, but no reference is made to it.

Also,. this doesn’t happen with RV 7.6.1.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Did you log it with support?

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