Run script inside shotGrid- Send notifications to contacts when task status change

Hello! , im really new with shotGrid but i need to know, ¿can i run a script inside shotGrid?.
i need a script that when a task status change, send a notification to the artist…

This is how native SG notifications already work.
Your users may just need to turn on this under Account Settings, Email Notfications

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thanks! :)… but im still want to know how to run a script inside shotGrid, i would like to check if a task change and later send a slack notification

i would like something more specific, i read already the documentation …but thanks

I hope you figured this out, but if not, I’m happy to help you with this. This is something we’re taking an advantage and send Slack notification when there is an issue.

You’d need to set up a ShotGrid Event Server and a plugin that listens to the status changes and when it meets your requirement, it send a Slack notification.

If you need help with, feel free to let me know.


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