Rotate Versions (Images) in Preview or Screening Room (not just RV)

Is there a way to be able to rotate image versions in the viewer/preview pane and save them? When the source file is uploaded, it is correct, but when it’s uploaded into Shotgun, it’s turned a different way.

Hi @trishavo,

Is the image uploaded a vertical image by any chance? If so, this is a known bug that has yet to be scheduled for a fix.

If you submit a support ticket with a description of the issue and a site URL to an offending Version, we can take a closer look to make sure it fits this bug.


Hi Beth,
The images uploaded are not verticals. They are horizontal but when it’s uploaded to Shotgun as a version, the thumbnail image becomes vertical as well as when viewing it in Screening Room. The only time it comes up correctly is if it’s viewed in RV.