Reviewer Notifications / 'Following'


Is there any way to set the Reviewer to automatically be ‘following’ the task they’re assigned to review?

Currently, they have to manually follow tasks they want notifications for. It’d be great if either the Reviewer got notifications, or there was a separate field for followers we could edit in the task template.


-Phil F

I assumed this lack of notification would be due to Email Notification settings in Account Settings, but the option for “Task I’m involved in” only mentions To and CC, not Reviewer.
If this option is set ON for your Reviewers and they are not getting notifications, this seems like a Feature Request (actually bug fix) to SG team to make this work properly.
“involved in” certainly should include reviewers.

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I’m referring to SG Inbox notifications here, sorry! But yes, you’re right that this email setting should include reviewers.

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Yeah best to make a ticket about this, seems like it’s been overlooked.

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