Review Tools configuration

Hello, all.


Our company uses Shotgun giving animation feedback to animators.
If click the thumbnail image, it should show us the next page for feedback.


But some specific accounts are not working for it with this error message.
How can we fix it?

If you have an answer, please help me!!


Hi @Elle_Lee

Thanks for posting to the community. This error message indicates that the user’s permission group does not have permission to use the screening room application. There are a few things you can check to get this working again.

The first thing to check is that the user’s permission group has access to view the screening room app. From your permissions page, under app permissions you’ll see a section called screening room. There you’ll want to ensure the following permissions are turned on.


If those options are checked, but the user is still receiving the error, then its possible that the permission group may have turned off permissions for certain entities that are required for screening room to run.

For example, screening room requires the permission group can view entities such as versions, tasks, playlists etc along with various fields such as the link field on task.

However, the app should inform which permissions are currently required for screening room to work, for example the below error indicates that they need to be able to see assets for Screening Room to function

Please have a look over the above permissions and let us know if its still not working for you. We’ll be happy to dive in further :slight_smile: