Artists level users lack access to Screening Room after Asset entity field updates

Hi all,
Our users with Artist role access began lacking the ability to enter Shotgun Screening Room after an Asset entity field update. I’m trying to determine why our changes would cause this issue and to see if we need to modify Shotgun elsewhere to handle the change we made.

Our shotgun team renamed an Asset entity’s Type (sg_asset_type) field to Type_old (sg_asset_type). The permissions were changed so Artist role could not see the field. Next, they made a new list field within the Asset entity called Type (sg_type). The Artist user role was given access to see and edit the new Type (sg_type) field.

After this change we noticed accounts which had Artist role access could no longer use Screening Room to view the larger image represented by the thumbnail. The error message suggests that screening room is somehow tied to the Type (sg_type) field. Administrator role still has access to see and edit Type_Old (sg_asset_type) and doesn’t encounter this issue.

Do we need to update something else within shotgun? Due to this change? Thanks for any tips.

Error message:
Your Shotgun Server is not currently configured to allow you to access
Screening Room.
Please contact your Shotgun administrator, or email Shotgun Support.
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User: XXXXX Permission Group:Artist
Attachment:You do not have required permissions to see this entity type
Playlist:You do not have required permissions to see this entity type
Asset.sg_asset_type:You do not have required permissions to see this field


Hi Adam! Thanks for posting, good to hear from you. :slight_smile:

When we created Screening Room, we made a decision that we would require visibility on any fields that we leverage in the UI, in order to use the tool. We didn’t want people to have a broken review experience because certain fields were erroring out or missing.

Unfortunately for your case, Asset Type is one of those fields. There are certain system-level functions tied to that field - for instance, you can (optionally) maintain different Detail page layouts per Asset Type. So there are many places in Shotgun that we assume that field will be there - you may find it problematic in places other than Screening Room now that you have restricted Artist visibility on that field. And since Screening Room includes that field as a default part of the Info Panel layout when viewing an Asset-linked Version, it is not going to allow in users without visibility on that field.

Can I ask a bit more about the use case that lead you to renaming the old Asset Type field and replacing it with a new one? Would be great to see if we can suggest another workaround.

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Hi Tommy,
Would it be possible to get a list of the system-level functions tied to the Asset Type field? Just so I know where these live?

We are looking to provide asset types specific to a project or project type. There are certain best practices we want to provide to shows and would like to customize this experience per their needs. Ideally this feature could come soon… I see project specific fields is on the roadmap. :smiley:

Interim long term solution… it sounds like we need build a bandaid if Asset Type is hardcoded into the UI… something like locking off the ability to edit the Asset Type field (but make it visible so tools work) and populate it with a trigger that is sourcing data from our flexible asset type field.

Or just start spinning up instances of Shotgun sites per project / project type…

But totally open to other suggestions!

Kind regards,


Thanks for the detailed explanation Tommy! Great to hear from you. Shelley has responded detailing what we are attempting.

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Hi @smatsutani, thanks for the added context. I don’t have a full list of all the Asset Type dependencies, but off the cuff, I think the trigger idea makes sense. We have had many requests over the years for more per-Project customization options, so I do hope we are able to better support your use case down the road.

You probably already know this, but you can control field visibility per-Project now. That is as close as we come to Project-specific fields at the moment. More info on field visibility and other Project Tracking settings can be found on our support site.

I would also encourage you to submit any feature requests directly to our Product team via our public roadmap page (if you haven’t already). :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, Tommy! For this particular use case, it sounds like we are forced to use the Shotgun “Asset Type” field, so I’m not sure if hiding this field would help, but it is a good reminder for future cases. Thanks for that.

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I’d like to chime in here about this as we’re dealing with a similar scenario. We want to restrict permissions for artists to only see Assets. The production is very high security and they don’t want artists to see the Shot work now that it’s in the later stages of production. But since the Shot entity is blocked for them, they can’t access any media in Screening Room on the Asset entity. This seems pretty blunt to me in this scenario.

Is there any reasonable workaround? If we made the Shot view permission conditional (though still very strict), would Screening Room be okay with that?

Thanks y’all.


Hey KP,
From a cursory test, it looks like Screening Room will work ok with a restrictive conditional permission on the shot.
If you’d like to test this further, write in a ticket to support (referencing this thread) and we can take it from there.



That worked Mason thanks!

Adding a conditional permission on Shots that never resolves to true made SR launch again.


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