Rest API hash errors

While attempting to create a time log via the REST Api I’m getting an error that I can’t sort out.

{"errors":[{"id":"9e57815a39b4d7eef027db7e6bf7c8b6","status":400,"code":103,"title":"API create() invalid/missing entity hash string 'type': {\"id\"=\u003E45}

Following the “create entity” portion of the API docs, I’m sending the following body:
{"user": {"type": "HumanUser", "id": 494},"entity": {"type": "Task", "id": 265445},"project": {"id": 45},"date": "2020-05-13", "duration": 240, "type": "Timelog"}

I’m unsure of what the error is.


Hey Chad!

In your project field, it looks like you’re only supplying the id. Even though we know it’s going to be a project, you still need to supply a type/id pair in order to uniquely identify an entity, so you might want something like:

'project': {'type': 'Project', 'id': 45}

in your body. Give that a shot and let me know how it goes?


First, thank you so much for the reply and explanation. I made the change and am now receiving the following:
{"errors":[{"id":"53234e035f5e97250244d28d8a02b22c","status":400,"code":103,"title":"API create() TimeLog.type doesn't exist.","source":{},"detail":null,"meta":null}]}

That would be because I’m submitting a Time Log via “/entity/time_log”, therefore, the “type: timelog” is not needed. I’m assuming it checks errors on orphans.

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the extra 'type':'Timelog' is unnecessary, yes. You’re already pointing to the /entity/time_logs endpoint, so there’s no need to specify. :slight_smile:

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That was causing the “TimeLog.type doesn’t exist” error.

Thank you for your assistance. Working with the API and having no access to the UI has proven challenging.


Ouch, no access to the UI is indeed rough. I hope conditions improve for you!

In the meantime, we’re always here if you get stuck down the road. Take it easy!