REST API authentication changes with Autodesk identity - Postman setup

Hi, I was wondering how to authenticate in Postman with username/password combo once Personal Access Token was set up for a user? The REST API documentation doesn’t have any updates related to the Autodesk identity change as of yet. Any info is appreciated.

Hi @igordon

There are no changes to the way the API is called for authentication.

But there are additional steps to make it work, which must be done in your ShotGrid user settings and in your Autodesk Identity profile : you need to setup a Personal Access Token

Details here: Help

In short : the login / passphrase you use for API authentication are not those that you use for Autodesk Identity authentication (unless you ensure to set them up to match, it is not automatic)

Autodesk Identity authentication needs to be done from a web browser.


Hi Patrick, that worked fine. For some reason, I was thinking that the passwords would be in sync. You weren’t kidding when you said nothing changes but the PAT.

Thanks for the help!