Refreshing Configuration cache when pipeline config is updated

When updating folder Schema or Pipeline Steps, how do I force the cache to be updated?


Hi Donna - You’re talking about the path cache? There are a few things to note here:

  • As I mentioned in your other post, , tank folders on the given entity will update the path cache.
  • If you want to do it programmatically, the create_filesystem_structure() method is the Toolkit API equivalent of tank folders.
  • Note that these steps won’t affect PublishedFiles or Versions – if the paths to Published Files or Versions change, you’ll need to modify the path specified in the corresponding entities as well.

In general (in case it’s not clear :slight_smile: ) , we strongly advise that you try and lock down your folder structure and entity naming as much as possible before you start building out your production filesystem with Toolkit, but I understand that that’s sometimes unrealistic in actual production.


Right, I understand locking things down as much as possible. For now I’m only updating things in my development area. because the folder structure is still being designed. So i will only need to refresh the cache for my dvlp area. as things change.

Thanks for your help!


Gotcha. Makes sense. Good luck!

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