Query Webhook Table and Logs

I need to access the WebHook entity. More specifically I want to capture some information in the logs before they get scrubbed. How can we do this?

Currently I don’t think we allow access to the Webhook entity via APIs. @zoe.glynn, had this been considered?

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Let me give you some background on the request. I have a few different usage cases.

  • We need to be able to do some insights into our WebHooks. We want to track which ones are being used by which user and what projects. Because of the potential for high traffic around events and corresponding webhooks, it’s best to capture the usage logs during a scheduled nightly racking activity rather than during execution. Furthermore, we would like to also do this before they are purged from the logs.

  • We anticipate having many dozens, if not hundreds of discrete Webhooks. The URL’s from the Webhook point to Lambda services. We plan on setting up staging and production instances of the Webhook. Having the ability to access the Webhook table and update the URL’s will be a critical detail to help us with custom Make tools.

  • We have a Global Data Point entity that we maintain for long term KPI/ROI/ROA needs. It would also be nice to be able to link Webhooks to an entity field on our custom Global Data Point table. We are able to do this very elegantly with Action Menu Items and we would like to extend this functionality to Webhooks