Private Beta access beginning

This week, we’ll be opening access to the Webhooks Private Beta to a first wave of hosted sites.

What should you do to be in the queue?

  • Respond to email follow-ups to your initial requests to confirm the URL of the shotgun site you wish to have webhooks activated for.

  • Take note that by participating and utilizing webhooks, you acknowledge and accept the following conditions of our webhooks service during the beta:

    • All requests for support with webhooks should be directed to

    • Deliveries to webhooks endpoints may be lost during the beta period.

    • We cannot guarantee on event dispatch delays (system can go offline at any time and will be restored asap; likely start of next business day EDT)


I just want to ask about this, can you clarify if this means that EventLogEntry entities on Shotgun might get lost, or is this about a different kind of “event”?

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Very good question!
We are not talking about EventLogEntries.
The only events that can be lost are the events (aka deliveries) sent to the webhook endpoint.


Thanks for the question - I’ve updated the post to clarify!