Import/export webhook rule for multiple shotgun site

Hi There,

Could you guys consider to make import/export webhook rule from shotgun server?
when we make any trigger, we just duplicated on multiple trigger server per each site.

If there is a way already, please let me know.


Hi @bcho - thanks for the suggestion. We don’t currently have a way to support this. I’m curious about the kind of frequency and number of configuration changes you need to manage, across how many sites?

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we approx run 20 triggers per site.(at least, Nu*** and kin***)
and we may put more triggers.

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Does CRUD API access to webhooks help you?

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Hi Zoe,

So. per this topic are you suggesting that we could have access to the WebHook table in SG to create, maintain and extract logs from SG via the python API. If thats what your saying, sign me up.