Push and pull shot status between Hiero and Shotgun


We are trying to push and pull shot statuses between Hiero/Nuke Studio and Shotgun. E.g. If we change a shot status in Shotgun, Hiero/Nuke Studio would be able to update the corresponding shot status (tag) in its timeline to the same status, and vice versa. We have had a look at this method:

Unfortunately we are not able to get it working…

Any tips on how to approach this?


I didn’t even know that page/script existed, that’s not something we’ve written or support.
Though what your trying to do certainly sounds possible with scripting.

A script that loops over all your shots in the timeline, and then searches Shotgun for the corresponding Shot entities and then compared their status to that in the timeline and updated accordingly should work.

A very brief scan of the script provided on that doc page, suggests that is what the script is doing. If it’s not working, it’ll probably need some debugging.

Thank you for the reply. We’ll try to debug the script, and see if we get it working. I think this functionality would be a great addition to the Hiero/Nuke Studio Shotgun-integration.


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