Publisher2 bug in post_validate hook

Hi ShotGrid team!

I found a bug in the Publisher2. When you are using the post_validate method in the post_phase hook, errors in the method are not reflected in the GUI. They show up in the logs but the GUI shows that the validation when through just fine. Looking through the code it seems that error handling around that method is not present at the moment.

This also includes a feature request from my side: It would be great if you could fail the validation in the post_validate method. My specific use case is this: I want to check if any of the items have the exact same settings. In my custom plugin this would result in errors. So running through all the items in the post_validate method and compare their settings seems natural to me. Unfortunately the hook does not support this at the moment.

Let me know if you need more information.
If anyone has a good workaround for this, I’d be forever grateful for sharing it here!


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I think you should send a ticket as well to make it official…

I submitted a ticket. Lets see if that helps.

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