How do I add post_phase to tk multipublish 2 yml

Hey guys, I need to do some post-validation work. I figured out that I need to do via post_phase.

So I added this line to tk-multipublish2.yml:
post_phase: “{self}/{config}/tk-multi-publish2/maya/”

And the python script itself is really simple:

import sgtk
HookBaseClass = sgtk.get_hook_baseclass()

class PostPhaseHookTextures(HookBaseClass):

def post_validate(self, publish_tree):

    for item in publish_tree:
        self.logger.debug('Test Test Test')

And it’s not working, I’m not seeing my debug message. Since I’m learning this stuff, I’m probably doing somethign stupid here, so if any of you have experience with post_phases I would appreciate help :slight_smile: