How to get publish errors when using the publisher api?

Is there anyway to get the logged out errors from the publish api?
When my publish plugins validate method returns False is there anyway to get any errors that I logged?

I’m trying to publish remotely on our render farm and I need to be able to tell the artist what failed.

The publish manger’s validate method just returns this when I print it out [(<PublishTask: None>, None)]

Or do I have to keep track of every error I’m logging in all of my plugins to be able to raise them all at once at the end of my validate steps.

The publish plugin has a logger instance, and that writes to the publish log, accessed by clicking at the bottom center.

I’m using the publish api not the ui.

I ended up having to add my own logging handler that keeps all the error messages to each of the plugins loggers in my task generator function.

I then kept a dictionary of each task and handler so I could look up the right set of errors based on what the managers validate method returned.

Yes in this case you should handle the logging yourself. I suppose the log will appear in your render farm reports. With our Deadline plugins, there are special methods to write to those.