Published File <-Link but with Version entities instead of Published File

This default field on MocapTakes will automatically add any published file that you pass the relevant entity id of when creating the publishedFile. I would however like to track Versions instead.

Is there a way to configure this in Shotgun or do I have to write my own procedure to update the field with additional versions when they are created?


Hello @gmaskfx!

Are you using the Publisher app to create your PublishedFiles? If so, it’s highly customizable and you can add logic to link a Version to a MocapTake at that time, if that seems like a sensible workflow.

If not, can you tell us more about your current workflow? We have a few different ways of introducing automations, just need more info to know which one makes sense for you.

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No I’m not using Publisher app. I’ve already setup a way to populate this field using my standalone publishing UI. I guess I’m curious if this is possible to do with one command. My solution involves creating the published file and then updating the MocapTake.

The thing is that I don’t actually need to track a version for these mocap takes. They are raw files that don’t get revised. Currently the only reason why I’m including a version at all is because there is a bug with PublishedFiles that prevents my from adding Filmstrips to them. So the reason why I want them to appear in a field for the mocap take is so that the user can get to the filmstrip faster. Otherwise if they are looking at the mocaptake they have to click on one of the publishedfiles then click on the published files linked version to see a filmstrip. Although I have temporarily setup a thumbnail query so that the filmstrip is viewable on the publishedfile but I was given a warning by SG that this might be slow so it’s not ideal.

So in short what I want to do is to publish a MocapTake that links to a number of files… some of the files are reference video and some of them are pointcloud capture files. I’d like to beable to easily view the reference video files in shotgun via a webbrowser. The idea here is to create a catalog that besides being searchable make it very fast to preview each of the references files. I didn’t really see the need for for creating a version for each published file since they aren’t versioned but since I can’t put filmstrips on the PublishedFile entity I need the Version for each file. Otherwise I may have created just one version entity and linked all the publishedfiles for a specific take to it. Currently I’m looking into using a customEntity that let’s me put a filmstrip on it… so I can do this without a version entity altogether.

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