Preventing negative values under work remaining


The current basic formula for work remaining is ‘Bid - Time logged’ and does not have any condition to prevent negative time logs. Is there something that can be done here?

When I do a total work remaining across multiple tasks, the negative values screw up the calculation. What would be helpful is to have a condition that prevents value below zero or a new field that do this leaving the original ‘work remaining’ field as it is.



Hey Rohit,

Are you referring to the stock “Time Logged - Over/Under Bid” field that performs the Bid - Time Logged calculation? Or is this a custom calculated field you’re using? The stock field isn’t configurable, unfortunately, so it’s just going to perform the raw calculation even if there’s a Time Log with negative values.

Calculated fields as they stand today don’t offer a condition function that could check for a certain value and then include it (or not) based on the check.

At best right now you could create a conditional formatting rule on a Time Log page so you can easily identify negative Time Logs. Or if you’re using the event daemon, you could make a plugin that reacts when a Time Log with a negative value is created.