Possible bug with user sandboxes in Houdini

Hi, we use user sandboxes for keeping work files separated per user.
In Houdini for some time now we have been getting an error when trying to show others’ sandboxes:

_task_resolve_sandbox_users - failed: _task_resolve_sandbox_users() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "e:\bottleship\code\btltest3\install\app_store\tk-framework-shotgunutils\v5.7.6\python\task_manager\worker_thread.py", line 83, in run
    result = task_to_process.run()
  File "e:\bottleship\code\btltest3\install\app_store\tk-framework-shotgunutils\v5.7.6\python\task_manager\background_task.py", line 139, in run
    return self._cbl(*self._args, **self._kwargs)
TypeError: _task_resolve_sandbox_users() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)

The result is that sandboxes are not shown.

At first I suspected some version incompatibility, but now upgraded everything and it still breaks.

Any ideas?

tk-multi-workfiles: v0.12.3
tk-framework-shotgunutils_v4.x.x: v4.4.15
tk-framework-shotgunutils_v5.x.x: v5.7.6
tk-houdini: v1.7.2

Hey @mmoshev,

Just taking a blind guess before someone smarter chimes in, but could it be related to permissions? Does this happen for an admin user as well as an artist?



@DavidMason thank you for the response.

Yes, I am an admin user, but happens to me as well. Rather it seems like the call pattern in shotgunutils is wrong - the callback takes 2 arguments, but shotgunutils passes one… something along those lines.


Now we are getting the same with Nuke, and there seems to be a problem with filesystem location registration.
Have not explicitly linked the two, but that would make sense.
It happens rarely, I wonder if it is caused by wrong registrations or something.

Still getting this in several DCCs, any ideas? Perhaps there was a non-compatible change in tk-framework-shotgunutils that the engines have not caught up with?

I’ve started seeing this issue since performing an app/core update 1 week ago.

I’ve seen this bug today, the reason is that the artist has selected only the pipeline step. When he chooses the task (there is only one task for the step), it works.

Any more information on this one? I am running into this issue after I created a custom environment for the model step (duplicated all the yml files based off the asset_step defaults). The issue I have is after I have used the “File Open” dialog and opened the file. If I try to use it again the dialog kicks the _task_resolve_sandbox_users error if I try to use the Asset tree to navigate to the tasks. It just gets stuck “Retrieving Tasks”. It will still show the tasks on the My Tasks page though and I have checked the work area info and it’s getting the correct environment. This is the error if it helps:
TypeError: _task_resolve_sandbox_users() missing 1 required positional argument: 'environment'

Same. Seems like a bug, but I don’t know what the consequences are.

We do have some discrepancies in app/engine versions, since some of them are forked and have not been updated.