Position in menu and submenus for apps


I am developing an app and I want to have it in a certain position within the ShoGrid menu within the host application. It seems like the menu entry position is only defined alphabetically and not where it is specified in tk-[hostapplication].yml in the config.
Also I want to create a submenu with further entries but can’t find any documentation on this, is it possible?


Yes you can create submenu’s I believe as long as the host app supports it.
have a look at one of the engines which should have some functions for creating menus.

As for the location, I believe it does adhere to the order specified in the environent files.

Hi Ricardo,
Thanks for your reply. These were the places that I was already looking into but couldn’t find an answer. It would help me a lot if you could point me to something a bit more specific if you can.

Hi @Chris.Falkenhagen

For Alias we are currently sorting the menu alphabetically as shown here:

I will also confirm that it is not straight-forward to add a menu / sub-menu and control the order of them.

I will be looking into this further, thanks for flagging this here!