Playlist not showing the creator of the playlist?


Is the playlist in Create supposed to show the user who made the playlist? There is a person icon but no info on it. It would be nice if it does show the user who made the playlist.

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Hi @nmintrasak,

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As you can see in the gif below, the creator will show as the icon with abbreviation of user on internal tab, and the client users shared with will show as human user icons.

Is that what you are seeing at your end? Are you looking for a way to see the whole name of users?


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Actually, this is not the creator of the playlist that is displayed there. It’s the list of the artists that created the versions that are in the playlist. If the playlist contains 3 versions from 3 different artists, the avatar bundle will show the three artists.

As Ben said, the avatar per say is the one from the site and a human shape avatar can be any other user (like clients, deleted users, etc).

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Thank you guys!!! yeah, it all make sense now.