Photoshop Multiple Context Publish

I’m trying to support publishing for multiple tasks in Photoshop. The problem is that only the current context is getting used for the Link and Task for all items. I have to set the context manually to get the desired result on the right, even though the Collector seems to know the correct context:

Any ideas how I can make sure the Context is set properly for each item / document?

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Hm I thought this worked. Could be a bug.

Hm I thought this worked. Could be a bug.

I’m not sure, since it is currently disabled in the head branch of tk-photoshopcc:

# FIXME: begin temporary workaround
        # we use different logic here only because we don't have proper support
        # for multi context workflows when templates are in play. So if we have
        # a work template configured, for now we'll only collect the current,
        # active document. Once we have proper multi context support, we can
        # remove this.
        if work_template:

I am attempting to get muti-document / multi-context publishing working by overriding this hook and modifying the collector logic.

Actually I don’t know about photoshop. I meant that it works in other engines.