OS Dependent Path Conversion RVPKG


I’m having quite the challenge in getting a rvpkg to work. It’s the OS Dependent Path Conversion one which looks pretty straight forward but after setting it to “Load” and going to the os_dependent_path_conversion_mode.py and setting the prefixes to the appropriate values. Restarting RV it just doesn’t seem to work.
I’m on a Mac and I’m wanting to see it swap out a Windows prefix with a Mac prefix to play back the path to frames as well as the path to movies.

Is this not what it’s intended for?

In ShotGrid the paths are looking like this:
Path to Movie:

Path to Frames:

So if I’m understanding this correctly I’d want to set the prefixes

self._windowsPrefix = "V:/"
self._macPrefix = "/Volumes/VIDEO-FEED/"

Where on the Windows machine I have mapped the VIDEO-FEED share to the Drive letter “V”.

But this is not working so I’m missing a detail here some where.

Hi Don, yes that’s how the path conversion package is intended to be used. If it’s not working you might want to confirm the package is actually being loaded from RV’s package manager interface under ‘preferences’. Also, to confirm the correct .py is being run you might wanna add some debugging hints like print statements in your code. RV expects the python to be archived in a zip package (.rvpkg) file, whose contents it extracts to disk at load-time. Depending on whether you’re embedding your python script in the .rvpkg file or over-writing the extracted copy could play a factor here. I don’t recall which takes precedence, but it’s totally possible RV is either extracting the archived copy over the extracted/modified one (overwriting your changes), or, finding a locally cached copy is skipping the extract on the .rvpkg file (if you went the extra step of zipping up your python file). Best of luck.

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