Number of Entities Selected Value

Is there a setting to enable a display of how many entities are selected? Like how Excel will show you how many rows you have selected.

I would like to be able to view a bunch of shots, say 50. Then select exactly 25 of those, and assign those 25 tasks to one artist and 25 to another artist.



Hi @bkirchdoerfer,

You can see how many records have been selected while in detail view:

Then right-click > Edit Selected…

However, this can only be seen in detail view, and not in list/thumbnail views.

Alternately, you can display the records you want to see on a page and make updates in batches that way:

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 3.37.36 PM


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Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, this is sort of helpful. However, I see the number of selected shots in Detail view, which is nice, but the Edit Selected window that pops up in Detail view is different and less useful than the one that pops up in List view.

List view has the Pipeline Step tasks available, among other things, which is what I want to access. Detail view doesn’t provide that data from what I can see.

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@bkirchdoerfer, thanks for your reply! I see… that looks like a limitation in detail view when entities have pipeline steps. Can you filter Shots and Pipeline Steps from a Task page instead, and see if updating the Assignments from there will work instead?

I’ll log a consistency ticket on our side for this since it would be nice to be presented with the same field options in detail view.

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