NUKE crash on save | filenameFilter

Hey folks,
since a few days i noticed that NUKE 13.1v1 crashes on every shot i want to save a new version in.
The only error I get is the following:
TypeError: filenameFilter() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘filename’

I disabled all my pipeline customizations now running the default latest tk-nuke.

I assume it is py2/3 related since this dowsn’t happen in NUKE 12 running py2.

Unfortunately I don’t find any call to the filenameFilter function. Not in the engine nor in the tools installation.

I really hope someone can help me out on this one since I’m hiiting a huge wall right now.

Is there no traceback so you can see where the error originated?

no there is nothing really… i’m desperately trying to get any stacktrace of this but without any success.
also the crashdump of nuke is not of any help. running nuke in verbose mode also gives me nothing except for this 1 error line.
Is there any way in nuke to enable stacktraces like there is in maya e.g.?

Also not in any of the tk logs?

Nope nothing BUT i figured it out.
It was an issue with backslashes on windows… as usually.

Fixed it by converting to double backslashes in the scene operation hook for nuke in the workfiles2 app


Great you managed to solve it!
Please set your post as the solution so its properly reflected as such on the forum :slight_smile:

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Hi @tonyd
I’m glad you found the solution. Can you please share the part of the code, you add on scene_operation_tk-nuke ?
I’m having the same issue with Nuke 13
Many Thanks!

Hi @tonyd !
I would also love to know how you changed to double backslashes, as I’m still running into this problem with Nuke v13 and v14!

This should only be an issue if you use literal paths somewhere.
If you just pass paths around, and use os.path.join you should not run into any issues with slashes I guess. I should look at the workfiles hook.

Hey folks,
I really didn’t do anything clever or so just this…

Generally I believe it would be good to start transition from os.path to pathlib.Path since this module handles all the double/quadruple backslash madness on windows

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