Notification when Upstream Status change?

Hello, I have set our Global Follow Settings to get notification when a task status is changed as well when the upstream is changed but the upstream thing doesn’t seem to work.

We have very simple pipeline workflow by using ony two steps - 3D task and Compositing task. The 3D task is set to be the upstream related to the Composting task so we expected the user who is assigned to the Compositing task to receive notification when the status of the upstream 3D task is changed.

I guess I miss something or maybe misunderstand the concept behind this upstream notification? Any thoughts why this may not work?


I think this only triggers if the link is changed, not when the linked task is changed. I am not sure if you can achieve the behavior you are looking for with default notifications, but you could build something the event daemon.


Thanks for the help! I understan now why it;s not working. Will try to do something with the daemon on that matter.

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