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  • My supervisors is asking for filter notes by Pipeline Step (for notes linked to one or multiple Tasks).
  • Web app allows me only to filter notes by Task or to create Saved Filter for each pipeline steps. Those two solutions are not interesting.
  • Then I can also create new fields called “Pipeline step”, but it will have to relink all notes manually…


  • Can you add one option for list all pipeline steps link on the current note ?
  • Can Dev team add custom filters (with Python Api) in Shotgrid web app for filter by Pipeline Step ?

Thank you for your help,

Kévin Z
Fix Studio | France

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Hi Kevin,
You’ll need to create a new filter.
For this you need to do the following steps:

  1. Filter, scroll down to “My Note Filters”
  2. Press +
  3. Name the Filter
  4. Hit the +
  5. In the first field, scroll down to “Tasks”, hover and select scroll down to “Pipeline Step” hover and select “Short Code”
  6. Then select the condition “is”
  7. enter the step-code you want to filter. For instance “anim” image
  8. confirming with “Create” will create your filter.

Hope that helps.


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Hello Martin,

Nice ! Thank you very much for your answer !