Newbie question why does flame not start via shotgrid desktop?

Using shotgun on macOS Monterey and Autodesk Flame 2022.3. I am able to start After Effects and Photoshop via Shotgun Desktop but not Flame. The tk desktop log says:

File “/Applications/”, line 190, in prepare_launch
return LaunchInformation(python_exec_path, args, env)
UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘python_exec_path’ referenced before assignment

Any idea how to fix it is much appreciated!!!

Bumping this. Same issue

I’ve never used tk-flame so not exactly sure wha the code is trying to do, but as the error shows, since you have the use_builtin_plugin set to True, it catches this if-statement where it won’t define the python_exec_path

But if you set the use_builtin_plugin to False, it apparently uses the legacy way and it sets the python_exec_path correctly.

It’s a simple fix, since I don’t have access to flame I can’t test it, otherwise I would have submitted a PR. I think you can either set the use_builtin_plugin to False or define the python_exec_path

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Have you tried adding flame via the Software Entity and see if it works that way?