New color scheme (orange instead of gray)?

Was there change of the color scheme again? Added orange? My gray fields are now orange and I need them gray. It is key for orientation in my Shotgun site.
Thank you.


We’re seeing this here as well on the Column Header Color formatting. Screengrab below (before and after):


Hey guys—thanks for reporting. The team is currently looking into this.

Sorry folks, there a bit of a hiccup on our end. This change was not due to go out until the next major release (8.15) but looks like you got it a bit early. Here’s the relevant changelog entry for context.

We’re working to resolve the egregious colour mismatch as soon as possible, sorry for the trouble in the meantime.


Just to update everyone, we will be reverting this change for the time being, hopefully with effect tomorrow. Again, I would like to apologise to everyone affected by this issue, and thank you for your patience as we get this resolved.