Media Web Player hotkeys and frame-by-frame

Two things… to help take your mind off of the election:

  • Where is the list of hotkeys supported by the media player

  • where are the hot keys to step frame-by-frame (typically left, right arrow.)

Thanks kids

Hey @dougm,

You can check out the hotkeys supported by your browser in the Keyboard Shortcuts in the help menu in the player itself;

And as for step frame by frame, left and right should work for you on any platform.


Unfortunately this didn’t distract me for long enough :frowning:


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Sorry, I used the term media player too broadly.

You are right: frame-by-frame and keybindings are very well supported in the Review App.

I am frustrated by the fact that a File entity MP4 is a second-rate vanilla player where these features are not available.

[Hopefully this will distract you a tiny bit today ;-)]

Hi @dougm,

Do you mean when you click on a file name on a file entry that is a .mp4 on a Files page?


If so, this is essentially just the browsers media player that gets loaded because you are going directly to the file rather than launching the player for a version. Totally out of our hands unfortunately :frowning:


Yes, this is the use case in which we find ourselves. The movie is not a Version, it’s reference.

I guess that means my take-away wisdom is:

  • don’t put movies in File entities unless they’re just for playing-at-speed.