Maya - materials relinking

Hi! I have some conceptions problem with my Maya pipeline. The problem is with referencing geometry from outputed Alembic file and loading materials from separate Maya binary. I trying to find best way to put them back together. One way which i consider is by using namespaces, but i affraid that this will get complicated because if surfacing and modeling step would be done in separate files file names will differ, for example namespaces for file wiht geometry can look like:

and for materials:


So only part where namespace is this same is ‘AssetName’, so if one asset entity will have two different models. For example two buildings in separate files and one have name like OldBuilding, and secound OldBuilding2. Both of them can have assigned material names ‘OldWall’ which can by different.

Secound idea which i preffer is to use object UUID, it can by handy because you can break namespaces and it will still works. But problem is that everytime object is exported as Alembic it changes it’s UUID, so after importing it will be diffrent. In this case i considering to use object custom attribute to preserve orginal UUID and change it after loading to another scene. But the thing is that it can duplicated with tottaly different object. I know that it is random generated, but always is the chance to do it.

So how do you hanlde it in yours pipeline? Maybe someone hava any nice ideas?