How can publish Alembic in animation with specific name?

Hi community, I am trying to publish Alembic from animation task which we have 4-5 assets in the scene. By default it was just grab all the stuff into a 1 Alembic file but i need a separate file for each asset (or group?)

I’ve try to add this into collector and got a separate publish items like what i want but still, all Alembic files are the same name which is i gave it in the template.

> def _collect_session_geometry(self, parent_item):
>     for grp in, long=True):
>         if, dag=True, type="mesh"):
>             geo_item = parent_item.create_item(
>                 "maya.session.geometry",
>                 "Asset",
>                 grp
>             )

Question is, How to get all the asset name from outliner or maybe group name into each publish Alembic file. Still, correct me if i did something wrong? i’m quite new here with Shotgrid.


Likely has to do with the kind of publish template you are using and how that template is reconciled.

Have a read throigh some of these tutorials t understand better how to customize things:

Animation Pipeline Tutorial

Generating a Path and Publishing it: