Maya export Alembic Camera only

(changed question , we decided to go alembic instead of fbx)

How do I export only a camera from Maya using Alembic Export.

I figured out I need to specify -sl and -root but what should this root command look like?


I’m not expert on mel scripting, but the AbcExport -h says for -root and -sl the following:

-rt / -root
Maya dag path which will be parented to the root of the Alembic file.
This flag may occur more than once.  If unspecified, it defaults to '|' which
means the entire scene will be written out.

-sl / -selection
If this flag is present, write out all all selected nodes from the active
selection list that are descendents of the roots specified with -root.

So it seems you could just select the cameras and then, not bother specifying the root, since it defaults to the entire scene. I’ve not tried it though. Maybe that works?