Logging empty time logs not possible

Hi all,

the fact that you can’t add a time log without actually putting in time is probably by design, but I wanted to share my simple workflow here:

When I start working on a task (or more multiple) I usually add an empty time log to it in SG. When I’m done (or end-of-day), I check my time logs and allocate the time I actually spent on them. Empty time logs are colour coded red to help remember to fill them in. The creation date of the time log helps me remember when I started a task, and therefore it’s much easier to determine the amount of time spent on it.

I would love to see SC embrace this sort of concept.

Any thoughts?



Hey Frank, thanks for the input. This makes a lot of sense. I know we have long wanted to improve the time logging experience in Shotgun, would be cool if we could setup a workflow like this OOTB.



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