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Hi group,
We are trying to move to ShotGrid from our current pipeline. We came across things that ShotGrid can’t or at least we don’t know how to set them up. One of such things is time recording.
Our current software for recording hours, can limit the time log to a certain time period, it is not possible to record hours in the future and it is not possible for the artist to write the hours to someone else.
Furthermore, we can record vacations in the time log for which it’s also not allowed to report worked hours. At the end of the month, the manager displays all reported hours with automatically highlighted missing entries, unreasonably high hours, etc.

Our vision and the reason we wanted to move to ShotGrid is to minimize the number of systems we use for different activities. But the ShotGrid seems to be severely limited with the time log features.
How do you solve it?

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Shotgrid is pretty customisable so the question is, exactly what are you missing?

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all I’ve mentioned in my post

so there are some of them again

  • how do you limit recording hours only 5 days back. (same functionality in the Create)
  • how do you limit artist to write hours only for himself and NOT as other artist(this only applies to the web )
  • how do you limit maximum value
  • how to display month summary of time log in calendar like display
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This may be possible by running a webhook or a Event Daemon that dos your custom validation on a newly created timelog.

Not sure, again you could run a webhook or event daemon to delete timelogs that where made with incorrect parameters or it could send a note to the user to correct it.

Maybe ShotGrid support can edit the conditional permissions on the artist permission group so they can not change the “person” field while creating a timelog.

@shaynad This seems like an issue to me, artists should not be able to timelog for someone else.

Again, a webhook/event deamon can run custom validation here.

Not sure, it’s porbbaly possible with some kind of customized page/graph.

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Thank you @Ricardo_Musch for your ideas, I think using webhooks is doable. I see one problem with this approach. You can revert the action but could you give artist dialog where you explain why wasn’t accepted? Not sure it could be done this way. Especially inside the Shotgrid Create

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Inside ShotGrid Create you mean?
I don’t know about that, you could probbaly make an app to do timelogs instead.

There is one available here:

This could be modified to do your bidding exactly how you think it should work.


hmm that looks like solution for time logging. It’s just shame it isn’t out of the box.

What about that calendar view has anyone an idea? In best case we would like to have edit possibility there so generating report using AMI isn’t option

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For your holiday and calendar view, maybe the recently introduced “Resource Planning” tool has features for seeing unreasonably high times.

As for vacations, this is done using the booking system, look under “Apps → Crew Planning”

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Sorry for the delay - I’ve been busy with content :slight_smile:
This definitely seems like a bug, I tested and it doesn’t seem consistent with the Artist role permission summary. I would report this to support: Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Knowledge Network

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