Linux distros

Linux distros for VFX studios… what are people using, and planning on using now centos is approaching EOL?

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I’m currently reading through this thread on the VFX Platform Discuss - Google Group, it’s a long one though but good points have been bought up

TLDR from that discussion: nothing concrete yet, but people are excited about the possibilities that this opportunity opens to

See also: SIGGRAPH 2021 BoF - VFX Reference Platform Published.pdf - Google Drive

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Rocky Linux. Run by CentOS founders

We have been looking at Ubuntu/PopOS (on Windows right now).

We converted a number of CentOS packages using Alien.
A lot of packages can be fixed by forcing them to use system packages instead of the terribly outdated ones vendored with the package. For instance Shotgun Destkop ran this way, I believe (or was it RV).
Usually it’s an old version of Qt or something similar.

RV makes the most pain for me on linux. There is no chance to compile it on a machine without a CUDA capable card. It’s no problem for MacOS or Windows though :(. I’ve tried centos, fedora, ubuntu, mint, popOs and what not, and didn’t manange to get RV running. Crypto, ssl and url libs are a huge pain in the ass too, when you are about to compile RV.

Would be nice to hear which distro is usable for a vfx pipeline. I really want to get rid of windows, but as of today, I can’t find a reliable distro for RV and our VPN solution.

Hi mmoshev
I would like to ask you if you succeeded with implementing Shotgun environment on POP-OS?
We are currently want to left Centos 7 from many reasons and we are also in point where we are changing Pipeline to Shotgun and I am curios if it’s make sense to continuing with building new Linux image on Debian. Thank you lot!

Not a completely satisfying answer, but yes, we had it working in Ubuntu.
The task was postponed though, so I will continue on it later on, and have more info.
Don’t remember the specific things we did. Translated the rpm to deb using Alien, and installed it. Might have to remove some vendored libraries so that system ones are used.

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