Important Notice for End of October 2024 - End of Support for CentOS (SG Toolkit and SG Desktop)

Dear SG Community,

ShotGrid integrations running on CentOS 7 will no longer be supported starting November 1 2024 to align with the official CentOS Linux 7 End of Life by June 30 2024­. After October 2024, it will no longer be possible to install ShotGrid Desktop releases for systems running on CentOS 7.

In 2020, the CentOS Project announced that CentOS Linux distributions would be discontinued at the end of 2021. Since December 2021, CentOS 7 was the last version of CentOS Linux to receive maintenance updates. This will end in June 2024.

To align with newer versions of DCCs and VFX Reference Platform recommendations for Linux, the ShotGrid team introduced support for Rocky Linux 8.5+ in January 2023 with the release of ShotGrid Desktop 1.8.0. Our team is also planning to add support for Rocky Linux 9 in 2024.

We are aware that CentOS 7 usage is common at studios and that migrating to a newer OS requires planning. We hope that this announcement gives you ample time to plan your migrations.

If your studio is currently using CentOS 7, please migrate to Rocky Linux 8.5+ before November 1 2024.


What will happen on November 1st, 2024?

New versions of ShotGrid Desktop will be released without support of CentOS 7.

If you are using ShotGrid Desktop on CentOS 7, you will not be able to update to a newer version of ShotGrid Desktop.

New versions of ShotGrid Toolkit components might work on CentOS 7 but Autodesk will not support this configuration.

Why are you discontinuing CentOS?

The CentOS Project announced the CentOS Linux 7 End of Life by June 30, 2024­. More than that, the CentOS Project discontinues CentOS Linux with CentOS 7 being the last supported version.

I am using ShotGrid Toolkit/Desktop on Windows or macOS, will I be impacted?

No, you will be safe.

I am using ShotGrid Toolkit/Desktop on Linux, will I be impacted?

It depends which Linux distribution you are using.

If you are using Rocky Linux 8, you will be safe.

If you are using CentOS 7, yes, you will be impacted. But only if you need to install a new version of ShotGrid Desktop or update ShotGrid Toolkit components.

Autodesk does not provide support of ShotGrid Toolkit/Desktop for any other Linux distribution.

I need to continue using CentOS 7, what should I do?

Autodesk will no longer be able to support you.

Which Linux distributions are currently supported by ShotGrid Toolkit/Desktop?

ShotGrid Desktop 1.8.0 support CentOS 7 and Rocky Linux 8.5+.

The team is working at adding support of Rocky Linux 9 in 2024.

I migrated my workstation to Rocky Linux but my pipeline is now broken

This is not expected so please open a case with support and include all specific configuration details in the case.

Don’t hesitate to reply here if you have any questions, or reach out to our support team.

The ShotGrid Team